4 Steps to Better Content Marketing



How is your content marketing strategy going? If you’re blowing the doors off with tons of new content every week and thousands of inbound leads, read no further. But if your attempts at lots of content have resulted in lots of inbound leads that just aren’t happening, perhaps it’s time to pull over and do a quick check.

Here’s a simple 4 step exercise to check your content marketing tactics and see where you might be going wrong. Before you begin, remember this:

Now that you understand this mindset, the exercise below should help you put things into perspective and see where you might need some extra effort. Answer the following questions by asking your team to put the answers on a whiteboard so everyone can see them.

1. Is your email signature branded?

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Here’s the thing: if you’ve taken the content marketing plunge to this level, then you are likely paying attention to the details in your content marketing strategy. If every email signature in your company is not specifically branded and sharing content, then you’re already behind the 8-ball. How many individual emails flow out of your company every day? Each one can deliver the opportunity for its recipient to consume a small piece of your content. Start there.

2. Write down all the forms of content that your business already has at its disposal today.

Yes, social posts to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all your owned content. If that’s a surprise to you, put another big red X on the board, and ask yourself, “Did we create the content in that tweet?” If you created those 140 characters, the image, and the call-to-action, then, yes, you did, and that’s your content.

Here are a few more ideas to jog your memory:

  • email
  • blog
  • newsletter
  • video
  • audio
  • photographs
  • infographics
  • interviews
  • tech support logs and conversations
  • knowledge base
  • product instructions
  • community forums
  • social posts

3.What new kinds of content could you produce?

Some business types naturally lend themselves to certain kinds of content. For example, General Assembly offers many courses on how to write software code. The results of these classes are success stories when students get outstanding jobs with great companies or build fantastic products right out of the gate. Case studies naturally flow out of General Assembly’s business. What types of content naturally flow out of your business?

4. How could you use all this content tomorrow?

If you had all of this content at your fingertips today, immediately, what would you do with it? As Stephen Covey famously has said, “Begin with the end in mind.” Begin your content strategy with the end marketing-goal being tons of fantastic content. Now work backward, having identified all the great content you could have for marketing your business. Start building.

As with every great strategy, it starts with the tiny details and works its way to greatness from there. So start by checking your last outgoing email, and see how much content you’ve shared in that email. That’s your starting point, as you begin with the end in mind.

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