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What Does It Mean to Be a Good Digital Marketer? Defining Digital Marketing Competencies and Landscape

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In this digital age, employee roles and responsibilities are changing as quickly as industries are evolving. Most jobs available today don’t have higher education programs, standardized exams, or textbooks that definitively tell people which skills they need in order to land them. Without this industry standardization, employers also struggle; they don’t have clear boxes to tick when evaluating job seeker’s qualifications. How can companies get a better sense of which skills job candidates and employees need? How can job seekers become more savvy about developing and communicating their qualifications?

At General Assembly, we work every day to answer these two questions. We provide job seekers with the competencies they need to be successful in today’s workforce. We also help employers understand how to evolve with their industry and connect with skills and talent that will enable them to grow. But in order to provide guidance to employers and job seekers most effectively, we must have a clear definition of each field ourselves. As the job landscape changes and General Assembly grows, we constantly refine our offerings and frameworks to better unite our product and message.

Let’s look at the field of digital marketing, which has seen exponential change in the last few years.

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How to Break Into a Digital Marketing Career


Digital Marketing Career: How to Land a Job

With digital media surpassing TV as the largest channel for ad spending in 2016, digital marketers are more important than ever. Through clever concepts, smart storytelling, and a keen understanding of audience behavior through analytics, these data-driven brand specialists move business forward through strategic email, paid search, social media, and beyond.

Recent data from General Assembly’s Credentials division — which helps companies determine the capabilities of team members and potential hires through assessments and more — suggests that digital marketing is an open playing field for anyone who can acquire the skills needed to succeed.

But once you have the skills, how do you land the gig?

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Experience doesn’t matter: Industry veterans and aspiring talent are equally qualified to break into digital marketing


Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing Skills

All aboard! It’s never been a better time to embark on your digital marketing journey.

We all seek experience. Personally and professionally, experience captures what we’ve done and what we have the potential to do. In hiring, prior experience is used as a shortcut to qualify job-seekers for interviews, job offers, and higher compensation. This shortcut works well in steady fields where the practices of the industry rarely change. If someone has done it before, they can probably do it again.

But does this shortcut work in a field that is dramatically changing? Marketing is an occupation undergoing rapid change. Adults now spend six hours a day with digital media, compared to three hours a day in 2009. As consumers move social, professional, and personal interactions online, advertising has followed. 2016 was the first year that digital media overtook TV as the largest channel for ad spending. Successful digital campaigns now require proficiencies across a host of new platforms, and the question for veterans and aspiring marketers is: Does general experience in marketing still matter?

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5 Must-Have Skills for Today’s Enterprise Marketers


In January 2016, the corporate training team at General Assembly set out to determine the marketing strategies and skills that all companies need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

As an educational institution providing skills on technology, business, and design to individuals and corporations, our greatest asset is our network, which comprises students, alumni, instructors, subject matter experts (SMEs), and Fortune 500 clients. Leveraging this incredible network, we were able to survey CMOs of Fortune 500 companies, CEOs of startups, and a host of branding experts, mobile experts, performance experts, data experts, and digital experts.

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The 5 Pillars of Your Brand’s Business Model



A marketing firm in Atlanta, Syrup Marketing, recently wrote a great article about how your brand is the “lead domino,” to quote Tim Ferris. What that means is that, once you create and solidify your brand, everything else tends to fall into place easily. One of those other dominoes that falls into place after you’ve created a fantastic branding strategy is the actual nuts and bolts of your business model.

Any business model is made up of many different moving parts, but they can be boiled down to these five pillars, on which you should build your business.

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The myth about agencies training themselves



2015 has been an unprecedented year of media agency reviews–the list of companies who reevaluated their ad spend reads like a who’s who of the deep pocket set– Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coca-Cola, SC Johnson, and L’Oréal to name just a few. Ad Age estimated more than $17 billion up was for grabs and even christened the cataclysm with its own moniker– “Mediapolooza.”

It’s logical to conclude from this trend that brands are expecting more from their agency partners, especially with regards to technology. Thorough, up-to-date comprehension of the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape has become absolutely crucial for any agency looking to grow their business.

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Woman on the Rise: Meet Rachel Skolnick, Director of Marketing at GoodWorld


Rachel Skolnick Image

Meet Rachel Skolnick, one of four Women on the Rise winners who will be flying to San Francisco this fall for a week-long educational journey!

Rachel Skolnick is the Director of Marketing at DC-based startup, GoodWorld, where she is helping to unleash generosity on social media with just a hashtag—#donate. An experienced digital strategist with a background in marketing, communications, and social media, Rachel previously served in marketing roles at several nonprofit organizations.

Rachel earned a Bachelors of Arts from Lehigh University and a Certificate of Digital Marketing from Georgetown University. Aside from her love of all things digital, she enjoys yoga, soccer, and travel.

Keep up with Rachel on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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New to Social Media Marketing? Here are 6 Best Practices




You’re just starting out marketing a business or non-profit organization using various social media channels and tools. You’re not a social media expert yet, but you will be very soon. What’s your next step? It’s wise to start off with some boundaries around your social media posts and content sharing.

In addition to maintaining your standards and representing your brand with excellence, here are six best practices that span all of the top five social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, and Instagram) and most other social media channels. In other words, if you start off using these best practices, your chances of early success will increase greatly. Continue reading

Growth Hacking: What It Is and What It’s Not



In case you’ve not yet heard the term, “growth hacking” is a term that’s been bandied about for several years now. On the one hand, those who get it and embrace it seem to just do it. To these experienced marketers, growth hacking is just using the technologies at their disposal to grow a product or business. But, unfortunately, the term “growth hacking” has also been misused by marketers who haven’t changed the way they’re doing things, but rather have simply added “growth hacker” to their LinkedIn profile in an effort to get new business.

So what exactly is growth hacking, and what is not growth hacking? Let’s take a look at some industry sources.

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5 Ways That Offline Marketing Is Still Critical For Startups



For many of us, planning and executing a flawless digital marketing strategy is mission critical when scaling a startup. With so much focus on acquiring new customers through mammoth channels such as search marketing, social media, and display advertising, advocating an offline marketing strategy can sometimes feel irrelevant or antiquated.

Don’t make the mistake that many entrepreneurs and marketers commit by leaving offline initiatives out of your go-to-market strategy. Not only is it more relevant than ever, but it can be the perfect complement to your online strategy. Read on for our favorite tips employed by some well-known once startups and noteworthy up and comers.

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