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General Assembly Launches Suite of Upskilling Programs to Prepare Businesses for an AI-Driven Economy


A man and woman co-working while taking an AI course.

As businesses embrace artificial intelligence, a new challenge looms: preparing the AI-ready workforces necessary to leverage this new technology — before their competitors do. 

It’s not going to be easy. In a fast-moving landscape, even the most tech-forward companies are scrambling to keep up — not to mention stumped on developing and deploying training for a technology that’s been accessible to the general public for just over a year. 

For instance, 70% of business leaders currently don’t believe their teams have the skills to effectively and safely use generative AI. And 59% agree that their organization lacks the tech talent to meet their digital transformation goals. 

What’s more, workers’ eagerness to build their AI skills far outstrips their skepticism. A survey by Adecco Group, our parent company, found that 62% of workers believe that AI will have a positive impact on their jobs — and that 67% of them expect their employers to help them learn how to use the technology.

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New AI Skills Training: Equipping Students & Businesses for the Future of Work


students gathered in a classroom in front of whiteboard learning.

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Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution

Nearly half of organizations worldwide are working to embed artificial intelligence into their products and workflows. Connected, data-driven technologies are transforming practically every aspect of modern business—from improving supply chain efficiency, reducing waste, and automating repetitive tasks, to accelerating product development, creating content, and sharpening consumer research.

As leaders, workers, technologists, and even AI researchers come to grips with the impact of emerging technologies, General Assembly (GA) remains optimistic about the future of AI. We believe people will continue to be key for long-term business success—and organizations that invest in maximizing human-AI connections will come out ahead. 

That’s why today we’re excited to announce new Generative AI course modules that will be added to all of our bootcamps and a number of our part-time curriculum. Keep reading to learn more. 

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GA Welcomes A New CEO: Meet Daniele Grassi


Change is an inherent part of progress, and today, we stand at the precipice of a new era as we proudly announce the arrival of our new Chief Executive Officer. With a shared sense of anticipation and excitement, we wholeheartedly welcome Daniele Grassi, an inspiring trailblazer with an exceptional track record and a passion for innovation.

Students, alumni, partners, and friends of General Assembly,

I couldn’t be more excited to join you as General Assembly’s new CEO. The opportunity to lead an organization that empowers people to pursue work they love and supports them in starting and progressing in their careers is a privilege beyond measure.

This is a special company. I have known the brand for years (who hasn’t?), and I have followed with admiration its impact since its inception. Now I get to see it from the inside. With each and every interaction I have had with the team, I have felt the passion to drive positive change, as well as the commitment to our community of strivers, clients, and colleagues.

Under the leadership of Co-Founder Jake Schwartz and then Lisa Lewin, General Assembly has built an incredible community of talented, innovative people. Our learners and alumni across the globe, more than 80,000 strong, are shaping the future of work at the world’s largest and most influential companies. Our work with business leaders is revolutionizing the way that corporations build and retain talent. Our partnerships with state and local leaders across the U.S. have redefined how policymakers and community-based organizations come together to drive economic growth. 

Daniele Grassi, new CEO of GA smiles in headshot
Daniele Grassi, CEO of General Assembly
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General Assembly and Tamkeen Partnership Yields 70% Positive Outcome for Graduates


Bahrain – May 2023 – General Assembly, a tech bootcamp provider supported by the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) in Bahrain, has reported an impressive 70.1% positive outcome rate for its graduates within 5 months since graduating, which includes job opportunities, freelance work, promotions and starting a business. The high positive outcome rate can be attributed to strategic partnerships with well-known organizations such as Zain Telecom, Bahrain Islamic Bank and HP Spring Studios.

Notably, many of General Assembly’s students were offered job opportunities on the spot at a career fair organized in December 2022. Further highlighting the hands-on experience that General Assembly provides, its students also participated in pro-bono work with Bahrain-based companies such as The Benefit Company, Beyon Connect, Loyale App, Ordable eCommerce, engaging in diverse user experience (UX) projects. General Assembly’s efforts have helped graduates who don’t have technical backgrounds or only have a high school education to secure employment within the tech industry, despite facing various challenges.

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Upskill Legacy Engineering Teams with Modern Engineering Capability to Enable Cloud-Readiness


Need a fresh, future-proof workforce that’s ready to tackle modern challenges? General Assembly’s solution can upskill your engineering team in a matter of weeks.  

This month, we’re launching a new Modern Engineering Solution to help organizations build strategic capability in next generation tools and concepts.

Through live, instructor-led online courses, our targeted tech training program develops legacy engineers into versatile, modern employees that possess knowledge in programming, debugging, and testing, as well as the latest technical skills in cloud infrastructure, microservices architecture, and continuous integration. 

With a growing population of software engineers who were trained in their profession decades ago, our robust training solution arrives at the perfect time to help organizations power the shift to cloud technologies—which will be necessary to increase value and innovation in the coming years.

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Expanding UX Design Capabilities for Tech Teams with Uber Design Pathways Powered by General Assembly


Companies are still competing for tech talent, however many businesses continue to struggle with recruiting diverse employees. The root issue? Everyone is fishing in the same pond, competing for the same pool of talent.

Some companies have decided to pivot and pursue alternative approaches to recruiting underrepresented tech talent. Uber Design Pathways (UDP) Apprenticeship Program, for example, is a recent success story. Last summer, Uber first partnered with General Assembly to identify a group of high-potential, underrepresented San Francisco Bay Area residents interested in transitioning careers and provide them with the unique opportunity to embark on a future-proof UX career through the design apprenticeship. 

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Our Software Engineering Bootcamp Just Got an Upgrade—Here’s the Latest


From smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to cryptocurrencies and social media platforms, tech impacts how we work, play, shop, socialize, and do business—and none of that is slowing down.

In fact, despite the headlines, growth in technology roles remains steady. For starters, software developer took the #1 spot in U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Jobs Rankings 2023,” with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 25% increase in open positions between 2021 and 2031. That’s five times the average job outlook, with 162,900 roles slated to open each year.

It’s a demand reverberating around the world, as the global software market is projected to reach $650 billion in 2023. To keep pace, organizations across industries desperately need tech talent to develop cutting-edge products and services. 

That’s why we’re so excited to announce an enhanced version of our best-in-class Software Engineering Bootcamp today. For students wondering how to get an engineering job with no experience—or employers struggling with how to recruit and hire great software engineers—read on for the latest and greatest updates to our program.

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Celebrating Women’s History Month With Veterans and Military Spouses: General Assembly & The Adecco Group Sponsor Part-Time Tech Training


While the tech industry has made significant strides in closing the gender gap, there is still much work to be done as we kick off Women’s History Month this March. Women only hold 28% of computing and mathematical jobs in the US as of 2022, and make up just 34.4% of the workforce of the largest tech companies. 

This month at General Assembly, we’re shining a light on an often overlooked segment of potential women in tech: veterans and military spouses. 

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A Letter from our NYC Campus Manager On the First Anniversary of our Campus Reopening, Post-Pandemic


Dear GA NYC Community, 

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to walk through the doors of our NYC campus, you know how special it is. There is a vibrancy that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. That’s because, for many, our space represents a new beginning and a chance for something better. Over the years, I have watched hundreds of students transform their careers and take the leap into new jobs shortly after graduating. 

I can’t believe it has been a year since we reopened the NYC campus after closing our doors during COVID-19. This year also marks the first anniversary of unveiling our remodeled space. During the pandemic, we renovated to enhance the learning experience for those students who wish to learn in person. 

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Mori Taps General Assembly to Expand Digital Skills Training in Tokyo


Envisioning A New Campus in Japan

The collaboration will enable GA to provide digital skills training to Mori Building employees, residents, and partners, fueling crucial digital transformation in Japan. NEW YORK, NY – 2/14/23– Today, global education provider and career transformation company General Assembly (GA) announced a new strategic partnership with Mori Building Co., Ltd – Japan’s leading urban landscape developer – to expand digital skills training to Mori Building workers, residents, and company tenants with the goal of enhancing Tokyo’s overall digital transformation.

The partnership comes at a crucial time as Japan faces a tightening labor market, with some projections estimating the country will be short close to a million digital talent by 2030. Reskilling programs, such as those being offered by General Assembly, will serve as an invaluable tool for companies in need of talent and eager to respond to the rapid innovations underway in automation and digitization.

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