Cultivate Marketing Expertise Across Your Company

Give your team the digital marketing skills that drive growth.

Digital Marketing

Establish Business-Wide Capabilities

Unpack the complexities of the digital marketing landscape and empower employees with a holistic understanding of how media, social networks, and brand strategies align to drive customer acquisition. Through in-depth training in social media strategy, mobile marketing, email tactics, paid ads, and more, your team will learn to leverage SEO, digital advertising, and marketing analytics to amplify your company’s reach and authority.

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    Understand Your Team's Marketing Skill Sets

    Our digital marketing assessment suite tests your team’s digital marketing knowledge, evaluating competency in vital skills including CPC calculation, social media campaign analysis, SEM analysis, and more. Though this platform, you'll receive evaluations at an individual and aggregate level to inform strategic paths in building competencies and improving weaknesses.

    Digital Marketing Modules

    Impact ROI With Digital Marketing Talent

    A full suite of online digital marketing modules — each with interactive elements and personalized to each employee — empowers your team to develop digital marketing skills that can be translated immediately into your email and online campaigns. Companies can also upskill their talent with in-person trainings on digital marketing trends or with full-time, Immersive courses in digital marketing at GA campuses.

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