5 Steps for Getting Started Designing and Building a Website


Keep your goals in sight. You’ve made your resolutions β€” we want to help you keep them (at least the ones that aren’t food related). That’s why we’ve put together five simple things you can do to get started with Front-End Web Development.

  1. Download a text editor. We’re huge fans of Sublime Text at GA.
  2. Jump right in. Play around with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in CodePen, and see what it looks like right in your browser.
  3. Read relevant material. For useful tips and design inspiration check out Smashing Magazine and A List Apart, or jump into the deep end with Dive Into HTML, the A Book Apart e-book series.
  4. Get an expert’s take. Read Nick Schaden’s blog post on “What is: Front-End Web Development“.
  5. Embrace the community. Get help from other developers on Stack Overflow, or offline at a Meetup group near you.

BONUS: Visit General Assembly for an online classes from the comfort of your home.