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New Year, New Skills: Top Tech Skills to Learn in 2024

General Assembly
January 2, 2024

A new year means a chance to learn new skills and unlock new career opportunities.. We’re here to break down the top tech skills that really matter in 2024 and help you kickstart your career self-reinvention. Let’s jump right into it.

Top 4 tech skills to learn in 2024

Learning new tech skills isn’t just about keeping up. No matter who you are or what you do, it’s about seizing new personal growth opportunities and staying relevant. 

As 2024 begins, here’s what we believe are the top four most in-demand tech skills you can benefit from learning this year.. 

1. Generative AI

What is generative AI?

2023 was the year of AI headlines, and 2024 will likely be no different. Generative artificial intelligence (or GenAI for short) enables you to create innovative solutions, from realistic art to writing code snippets and brainstorming. GenAI is already being integrated daily into workflows, and most tech roles will require a basic understanding of AI.

Industry outlook for generative AI

According to Precedence Research, the generative AI market is estimated to reach $22.12 billion by 2025. Large-scale adoption of AI technology is expected to reach 46% in 2025, so it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve in the year ahead.  

How to get started learning generative AI 

At GA, our full-time bootcamp courses offer GenAI modules to help you hone in on this skill in 2024.

2. Data Skills

What are data skills?

Data is the new gold, and refining it into meaningful insights is a priceless skill. Learning to read and extract data to unlock patterns and trends is invaluable for business intelligence. In 2024, the ability to navigate and craft actionable insights from vast datasets will be a key differentiator in attracting new job opportunities or clients. The data analytics realm is booming, and the data science market is expected to grow from USD 95.3.9 billion in 2021 to USD 322.9 billion by 2026.

Data Science for Beginners

Industry outlook for data

About 80% of firms across the globe are investing a large part of their budgets into creating skillful data analytics divisions — and looking to hire the smartest data-driven talent ready to make an impact on their industries.

How to get started learning data skills 

At GA, we offer a variety of full-time and part-time of data analytics and data science learning options — both online and on campus. Check them out here. 

3. Coding

What is Coding?

As the backbone of the digital evolution, learning how to code has always been a top tech skill — and is still a top tech skill for 2024. Coding languages like Python, JavaScript React, and JavaScript are critical across different tech roles, from software engineering and development to cloud computing and so much more. Whether it’s AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, learning —and staying current on — different programming languages ensures product scalability, flexibility, and efficiency in a world where digital presence is paramount.

Industry outlook for coding

According to Forbes, from 2022 to 2030, the anticipated expansion of the global cloud computing market is projected to increase from $570 billion to nearly $2.5 trillion. Consequently, there will be an escalating need for individuals with technical expertise to support large and small businesses transitioning to cloud-based solutions. That means demand for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers is expected to grow by 25% from 2021 to 2031.

How to get started learning to code 

Coding is a critical element of software engineering. At GA, we offer full-time, part-time, online, and on-campus tech bootcamp options for software engineering. 

4. UX Design

What is UX/UI Design?

User experience design — or UX design for short — puts users at the center of digital design decisions. And with product design and sustainable design trends continuing to disrupt the digital design landscape positively. User-focused design skills like product and UX design will continue to be in demand throughout 2024, as they empower individuals and companies to harness the transformative potential of AR and VR in crafting immersive, impactful experiences.

UX Design Basics

Industry outlook for UX design 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment of UX designers is projected to grow 23% from 2021 to 2031 — much faster than the average for all occupations. Across Europe, UX design is one of the top five in-demand skills, with leaders expecting their design teams to grow by an average of 21% in 2023. And in Australia, the demand for UX designers has increased by over 50% in the last five years — and is expected to continue growing in the years to come. 

How to get started learning UX design? 

At GA, we offer a range of design courses, from Visual Design to User Experience Design. You can choose from short courses or full-time bootcamps

Why learning new skills matters

Over 41% of surveyed HR executives will hire new employees to overcome the skills gap caused by AI (artificial intelligence) amongs other emerging technologies. If career progression, or a skills refresh are on your roadmap in 2024, take a look at the risks and benefits of learning new skills in 2024.

Why Learning New Skills Matters
Top 3 risks of professional stagnationTop 3 benefits of adapting skillsets with emerging tech trends
Obsolete skillsets: Failing to adapt to emerging tech trends like AI risks proficiency in outdated technologies, diminishing your relevance in the job market.Stay ahead of the curve: Acquiring new skills keeps you ahead of the industry curve, making you a valued team member by employers for navigating the latest advancements.
Limited career opportunities: Stagnation may lead to missed chances for advancement. Employers seek diverse skillsets aligned with industry demands, hindering promotions or rewarding role transitions.Increased job security: Adapting to tech trends makes you indispensable, reducing the risk of downsizing or restructuring challenges within your organization.
Reduced employability: Stagnant professionals struggle to meet evolving employer needs, lowering overall competitiveness in the job market.Unlock new opportunities: Learning new tech skills opens diverse career doors, enabling exploration of roles within your current organization or ventures into new industries.
Risks & Benefits of Learning New Skills

New skills equal new opportunities

No matter how you want to evolve in the new year, acquiring new tech skills will help you make it happen — whether you’re thinking of starting a business, transitioning to a new role, or becoming an innovator — the journey begins with learning. Embrace the challenge, stay ahead, and make 2024 the year you thrive in tech.
Make 2024 the year you invest in the next version of yourself. And let us help. At General Assembly, we offer full-time bootcamp and short course options to make sure you have the skills you need to make your next career move.

Not sure where to start? Reach out today to learn more.


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