GA Advice: How Tech Workers Can Practice Responsible AI


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Tips from VP of Impact and Experience, Dr. Jeffrey Bergin 

About Dr. Jeffery Bergin

Dr. Jeff Bergin, Vice President of Learning and Experience at General Assembly, specializes in accelerated technical training for career and workforce readiness, including ethical AI use. Dr. Bergin has a strong background in learner-centered pedagogies and online learning design and is the editor of the recently published book, “Supporting Self-Regulated Learning and Student Success in Online Courses.” Dr. Bergin has also held leadership roles at Universal Technical Institute, Macmillan Learning, and Pearson and has published and presented on various online learning topics.

How Tech Workers Can Practice Responsible AI

As technology continues to disrupt how we approach work, practicing responsible AI is paramount.

Here are 5 key steps from Dr. Jeff to ensure you’re contributing ethically to the AI landscape:

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Sleigh Your Career Goals: Your Guide to Upskilling During the Holidays


woman studying rose wrist

It’s easy to slide into the holidays one of two ways — feeling like a humbug discouraged by your job hunt or bright-eyed with ambition (I’ll have so much time!). Either way, you know you need to up your skill game and refresh your portfolio to make a new career a reality.   

Fast-forward a week to binging Home Alone and Christmas Vacation on the couch. Don’t let the short winter days lull you into stalling out — embrace the spirit of growth along with the spirit of the season. Here’s how you can sleigh your career goals this holiday season. 

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Starting a Career in UX Design: What UX Design is, UX Career Paths, and UX Designer Salaries


user path post it notes

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In today’s tech landscape, it’s all about user experience. The demand for skilled UX designers has skyrocketed, paving the way for diverse and rewarding career paths. In this blog, we’ll explore the essence of UX design, delve into the exciting avenues it opens up for career development, and shed light on UX design salaries. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional navigating the industry or a curious learner looking to dive into this fast-growing field, read on to get all the information you need to know about starting a UX design career. 

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4 Ways to Build a Data-Driven Culture


Two men and a woman sit in a business lounge area having a discussion about making data-driven decisions.

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What do ship captains and business leaders have in common? 

They both need to navigate through stormy and calm seas, constantly charting course across uncertain and hostile waters. While captains often turn to their maps, radars, and compasses, business leaders need to turn to their data.

Data helps you nail down the strategic plan for achieving your business objectives. Data keeps you on course. And data enables you to change course when needed. 

But here’s the thing — your business is a large vessel with multiple departments (like a large luxury liner) that must succeed in their respective journeys. One misstep in one department could affect your overall company journey. 

All departments must know how to handle their chief navigation equipment — data.

When data-driven decision-making becomes a company-wide practice, it positions your business for sustainable success. Data-driven companies are 58% more likely to exceed their revenue goals. 

So, how do you cultivate a culture where every department leverages data to succeed in their roles? And have everyone collectively steering your organization towards its goals? Let’s find out.

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A man reading about career tarotscopes for December.

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Rebecca Szymczak, aka Cardsy B, author of The Saturn Diaries and tarot reader to the stars, consulted her cards and has tips for which signs are going to work with the expansive Jupiter-ruled energy of Sagittarius season to take big leaps ahead and which should be mindful of Mercury’s mid-month retrograde before signing new contracts. She also has insight regarding what to expect when it comes to year-end reviews.

Though we enter December in Mercury’s shadow period, we have the optimism of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius to kick off the month before Mercury’s retrograde on December 13. It’s best to use the first half of December — particularly the time leading up to the 12.12 portal and new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 — to request needed approvals from clients and higher-ups and to finalize any pending contracts. This holiday season, more people may default to “vacay mode” earlier than usual due to the waning moon and Mercury’s retrograde, so it’s best to plan key meetings and initiatives for the first two weeks of the month. As we move into Capricorn season and toward the full moon in Cancer on December 26, it’s more important than ever to communicate clearly and follow up where needed.

Whatever your sign, growth and celebration are on the horizon. Sagittarius season serves as the expander and road opener — so read on to see what the cards have in store.

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Our Biggest Cyber Week Deals — Ever


The holidays are here, so that means it’s time to slow down, take a break, and watch the world pass you by… right?

Not even close. We know you’re already slammed and don’t have the luxury of waiting around for your career goals to find you. We’re here to help you make them happen. 

That’s why we’re launching this holiday season with our biggest Cyber Week deals — ever. This week only, take $1,500 off a bootcamp or $500 off a short course in your local currency.* Whether your goal is to begin the new year with a new skill, or completely transform your career in 2024, think of this as your head-start.


  1. Find your course.
  2. Start your application and jump on a call with our Admissions Team.
  3. Mention the code: Cyber-Week-2023 to activate your discount.
  4. Start your course by February 29, 2024.

We also offer a variety of financing options, so be sure to talk with your Admissions Specialist to see what you qualify for. They can make sure you find your best financing fit. We can’t wait to work with you on making 2024 your career evolution year.


  1. Students must be 18 years or older.
  2. Discount eligible for legal residents of the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Singapore, and Australia.
  3. Discount amount of $1,500 off a single bootcamp and/or $500 off a single short course.
  4. Discount amount applies in student’s local currency.
  5. New York residents or students attending live at the NYC campus are not eligible for the discount.
  6. Discount is applicable only for bootcamps or short courses, Paid workshops are not eligible for the discount.
  7. The discount can only be applied to one bootcamp and/or one short course per student.
  8. The discount is not available for those already enrolled in a bootcamp or short course, and cannot be applied retroactively.
  9. Prospective students must start their course by February 29, 2024 to be eligible for the discount.
  10. Discount may not be applied to non-refundable registration fee.

Feasting on Knowledge: 5 AI Trends We’re Thankful For


woman learning about ai trends while pointing at laptop screen

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This Thanksgiving, as we gather around tables abundant with all our favorite foods, we reflect upon the richness that surrounds us — including the AI innovations rapidly revolutionizing how we work, live, and connect. 

Just as the holiday season brings people together, AI unites innovation and progress, offering a feast of possibilities for your career. 

Let’s take a moment to dig into the pivotal trends in tech we’re thankful for, along with actionable tips you can apply to keep pace with a hot, evolving job market.

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Celebrating Bahraini Women’s Day: Empowering Women in Tech


How We Got There — Celebrating Women

In December, Bahrain celebrates Women’s Day to recognize the remarkable achievements and contributions of Bahraini women. In honor of this occasion, General Assembly Bahrain is organizing a series of highly anticipated panel discussions, workshops, and inspirational stories under the theme of, “How We Got There — Celebrating Bahraini Women.” 

These meticulously curated sessions will highlight the accomplishments of Bahraini women across various domains, with a particular focus on the tech industry. 

And while these sessions aim to empower and inspire women, it’s important to acknowledge that the subject matter scope often extends beyond gender. As such, all are welcome to attend and participate, regardless of gender. The discourse will encompass universal professional obstacles and provide valuable insights to a diverse audience. 

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No Degree, No Problem: How Tech Companies Are Valuing Skills Over Diplomas


woman standing in classroom hall contemplating a career change.

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What’s not to love about working in a technical role? There’s the prestige of helping build cool digital products that make the world more efficient and more fun. Throw in the solid pay, the flexibility of hybrid or remote work, and plenty of opportunity for growth, and it becomes clear why many want to break into these fields. 

But there’s one potential hiccup — you’re not sure you can get a tech job without a degree

We’ve got good news for you: More and more employers, especially those in tech, are shifting their approaches and hiring based on skills rather than degrees alone. And LinkedIn predicts skill-first hiring will become the gold standard — sooner than later. 

Why this shift? The growing demand for skilled workers isn’t matched by the number of degree holders and qualified workers available. In 2022, 91% of employers struggled to fill vacant positions, up by 4% from 2021’s numbers. 

To overcome these shortages, more than 45% of hiring managers on LinkedIn used skills data to fill positions in the last year, up 12% year over year.

Tech companies are leading this shift, with giants like Google, Apple, IBM, Netflix, Meta, Dell, and others dropping degree requirements for several positions. By adopting a skills-based hiring model, tech companies acknowledge the emerging methods of talent acquisition, such as talent from leading tech bootcamps like General Assembly. 

Tech bootcamps have become viable alternatives to traditional education because they provide up-to-date training on in-demand skills while offering the type of flexibility, time, and cost efficiency that are absent in conventional higher education institutions.

Let’s explore why you no longer need a degree to succeed in your dream technical role.

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student laying on couch and writing career goals in notebook.

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Rebecca Szymczak, aka Cardsy B, author of The Saturn Diaries and tarot reader to the stars, consulted her cards and has tips for which signs are going to work with the transformative energy of Scorpio season to make significant changes and which should watch out the sting of the scorpion’s tale with co-workers. She also has insight regarding recognition from higher-ups that can indicate well-deserved pay increases and new positions as we approach the 1111 Portal mid-month.

November comes in with a greater sense of optimism. This shift is partly due to the holidays arriving around the corner and partly due to increased energy from the new moon in Scorpio on November 13. This new moon serves as a portal to embrace and welcome the big changes we’ve been craving in our careers since 2023 began. Look out for increased clarity and communication between the new moon on the 13 and the 1111 Portal on November 11, bringing in exciting opportunities for many of us. As we move toward the Jupiter-ruled season of Sagittarius beginning on 11/22, good news of financial increase will likely arrive. Getting clear on goals and what motivates and fulfills us is essential, as the full moon in Gemini may bring up time-sensitive decisions.

Whatever your sign, forward motion and change are guaranteed. Scorpio season serves as the cosmic changemaker —so read on to see what the cards have in store.

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