Fundraising on AngelList: 4 Tips to Get Noticed


Are you using AngelList to its full potential? Ash Fontana, Head of Fundraising at AngelList, recently stopped by GA to share best practices for connecting with investors on the site. Some of the key takeaways are listed below. For more details and examples of best practices, watch Ash’s talk here.

1. Build a Good Profile

Fill in as much information as you can. AngelList was designed to eliminate any possible mistakes being made on your end; like presenting information illegally or making it difficult for investors to digest your profile. There are convenient tips listed in each field you need to fill out — read them all. Lastly, don’t use fluffy language. Stick to the facts and state your credentials clearly.

2. Build Your Network

On AngelList you can contact only with those who are first and second connections to yourself. Ask people on your other social networks or in person to follow you and help grow your network. The broader your web becomes on AngelList, the better chance you have of meeting your next investor.

3. Be Proactive

Use the “find investors” tab on your company’s profile. This will take you to see all investors in your network. Make sure to be strategic in your approach to investors and filter your search for relevant criteria to your company. For example, when looking for potential investors for your retail company, search for investors who have held previous positions within the retail world.

4. Be Social

Just like other social networks, AngelList sets out to scale real-life interactions. Geared specifically for entrepreneurs, the site is designed to enhance your networking capabilities. Join the community and participate in the conversation by sharing relevant and resourceful content. Just as you are there to accomplish a goal for your company, support others in your shoes by interacting with them.

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