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New AI Skills Training: Equipping Students & Businesses for the Future of Work

General Assembly
August 22, 2023
New AI Skills Training: Get Equipped For The Future of Work

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution

Nearly half of organizations worldwide are working to embed artificial intelligence into their products and workflows. Connected, data-driven technologies are transforming practically every aspect of modern business—from improving supply chain efficiency, reducing waste, and automating repetitive tasks, to accelerating product development, creating content, and sharpening consumer research.

As leaders, workers, technologists, and even AI researchers come to grips with the impact of emerging technologies, General Assembly (GA) remains optimistic about the future of AI. We believe people will continue to be key for long-term business success—and organizations that invest in maximizing human-AI connections will come out ahead. 

That’s why today we’re excited to announce new Generative AI course modules that will be added to all of our bootcamps and a number of our part-time curriculum. Keep reading to learn more. 

The Fourth Revolution is Here: Will AI Create or Destroy Jobs? 

Whether you’re new to AI or you’ve already begun integrating it into your applications and processes, one truth is abundantly clear: to stay competitive in the marketplace, talent and companies need to transition to these new technologies, and fast—and that involves equipping people with the right skills. 

According to McKinsey, “the most viable way to turn a fourth industrial revolution blueprint into reality is to put an empowered workforce, with the ability to use all of the technologies fully, at the center of digital transformation.”

Before we share details on our new AI corporate training, it’s worth addressing the elephant in the room: AI anxiety. A third of workers are worried about AI replacing their jobs and a recent Goldman Sachs report estimated that AI could replace as many as 300 million full-time jobs.

While it’s easy to fall prey to doom-and-gloom thinking, the research shows that, over the last 140 years, technology has created more jobs than it has replaced. Moreover, the jobs it has replaced have been characteristically dull, difficult, and manual—whereas the jobs tech has enabled skew toward greater care, creativity, and the education of others. 

So at GA we see artificial intelligence as gradually transforming existing roles and creating new ones, rather than causing the bleak “jobs apocalypse” many fear. After all: 

  • Transformation takes time. Full-scale AI adoption won’t happen overnight. Integrating AI will require large-scale organizational transformation and overcoming risk aversion.
  • Regulations could slow the process. Restrictions could make AI adoption and integration costlier for enterprises and slow the technology’s development.
  • Demand for AI skills far outstrips supply. AI-ready talent is still scarce—and will stay that way for some time.

That said, the best move is to embrace the change as it’s happening. Learning AI skills—especially if you’re in a tech role or interested in entering one—is going to be crucial for you to remain competitive in today’s job market

Meet Our Generative AI Modules

Creative glowing big data texture with financial charts. Technology and future concept. 3D Rendering

Generative AI burst onto the mainstream in 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot designed by OpenAI. It’s the fastest growing consumer application in history, reaching 100 million active users within two months of launch. As a result, the demand for training centered on how to use generative AI has suddenly taken on new urgency.

Beginning earlier this year, General Assembly instructors began incorporating ChatGPT into their coursework. Now we’re taking things a step further by creating a series of new modules to help close the AI skills gap entitled Leveraging Generative AI. Here’s what these AI training modules look like at a glance: 

Coursework Overview

Leveraging Generative AI is a series of lessons available for use in some GA products that will equip learners with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to effectively use large language models like ChatGPT in a professional setting.

Lesson Details

The lessons you’ll have access to include: 

  • Understanding Generative AI
  • Using Generative AI Ethically and Responsibly
  • Writing Good Prompts

We also include AI-specific lessons as well as demo sessions for our four major disciplines including: Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science, UX Design. 

Learning Outcomes

In these modules, learners will be able to: 

  • Summarize the basics of Generative AI tools and how these systems operate
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of Generative AI tools
  • Use Generative AI tools ethically, legally, and responsibly
  • Effectively leverage Generative AI tools to enhance work as a tech professional

These Leveraging Generative AI lessons are the first step in helping businesses and employees access the crucial skills they need to stay fit for the future of automation. 

The AI-powered future is here. Let’s make the most of it

Excited about using our AI modules? You won’t have to wait long; they’ll be available in our courses by Mid-September for all students enrolled in our Immersives and a number of our part-time courses. 

We’ll have more AI-related news coming your way soon but in the meantime…

If you’re interested in transforming your career for a tech-first AI-powered future start here. If you’re a business leader looking for AI-ready talent, get in touch.


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