The Future of Work: Redesigning The Hiring Process For More Inclusive Teams

The Future of Work: Redesigning The Hiring Process For More Inclusive Teams | Charlotte

About this event

When it comes to finding & onboarding top talent, many factors have a big impact on who chooses to apply, and who gets hired. The language used on a job posting, the screening and interviewing processes, onboarding protocols, and the broader company culture really matter when it comes to building healthy and inclusive teams -- especially in the highly competitive and diversity-challenged tech industry.

Join other people leaders and industry professionals as they discuss their approaches and best practices for hiring talent from non-traditional backgrounds. All hiring managers or HR folks who are looking to update the talent acquisition process for greater inclusivity are encouraged to sign up.


Takeaways: -Critically analyze your current job descriptions, role requirements, and responsibilities to attract a broader pool of qualified applicants

-Reassess your systems for interviewing & vetting talent

-Build or revamp onboarding processes to increase comfortability and ensure cohesion across the candidate-to-employee experience

-Gage your company’s culture for possible areas of improvement

-Learn from leaders who have successfully revamped their hiring processes

Prereqs & Preparation

This event will take place on Zoom

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