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Mike Sandys

Managing Director, Oddball Marketing


Mike Sandys is the managing director of Oddball Marketing. A marketing agency that helps its clients stand out from the competition and 10x their revenues. Unlike the ol’ days, Marketing these days can be tracked, measured and analysed to deliver the best results. At Oddball, they focus their customers' marketing budget on activities that deliver the best ‘bang for buck’.

Mike has spent the last 16 years in Marketing. Starting off in data analysis and then moving into market research, Mike built a solid ground game in the numbers behind marketing. It’s how he started measuring the performance of marketing efforts and identifying the channels that delivered the best results.

He is passionate about marketing and is driven to understand consumer behaviour and how we are influenced to make purchasing decisions. It’s the mix of art and science that drives him to create marketing campaigns that continually deliver better results. It’s this knowledge that is at the core of Oddball’s marketing campaigns and why they achieve such amazing results.

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