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Are You Doing Social Media Marketing Wrong?

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Are You Doing Social Media Marketing Wrong? | Online

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About this event

Social media is a staple part of our lives, business and marketing today. Everyone is there. But that's made it a supersaturated channel of messages all vying for even seconds of our customers' precious attention.

Brands are throwing things up there now and hoping for the best - but most are seeing little (if any) return and wondering what's going wrong. Others are overwhelmed with which channels to choose.

This energetic panel involves four professional and practising marketers, Arielle Peters (Two Giraffes Video Production Studio), Christopher Melotti (Melotti Media Copywriting), Kristin Hancock (Font and Switch Design) and Mike Sandys (OddBall Marketing Agency), who will discuss how to overcome the social media confusion.

These four are known aptly as "The 4 Marketers" and will have a spirited session of banter over the nature of social media success and what that looks like today for businesses.


  • Demystify the whole social media scene of 2021
  • Hear from an experienced marketing panel
  • See four different marketing perspectives
  • Understand how each business approaches social media
  • Learn about what contributes to success
  • Discover practical and proven tactics to get the results you're after

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