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Alex O'Neal

UX Consultant


Alex O'Neal can be seen in the wild in the Austin area, working to optimize user experience wherever she can. Her award-winning background includes Fortune 50 and 100 companies such as Dell, Texas Instruments, and Nortel, as well as the web’s oldest social network and a medical software dot com, supporting users ranging from engineers and medical professionals to shoe buyers and nostalgic veterans. Right now she runs her own consultancy, specializing in data visualization.

Jack of all trades, master of some, Alex’s experience in programming, database architecture, psychology, search, experiment design, and information science constantly informs her HCI, IA, IxD, UI, and UX work. She has worked as designer, front-end developer, researcher, manager, strategist, analyst, and product owner across global cross-functional teams. She is a self-professed Agile addict.

Alex has published two formal articles: Towards a More Cognitive Knowledge Management, 2000; and Intention-Focused Design: Applying Perceptual Control Theory to Discover User Intent, 2012. Alex’s online database work goes back to 1991, but her web career formally began in 1998 in Dallas, and has taken her to Seattle, Northern California, Austin, and Argentina. Her current obsessions are narrative taxonomy and data visualization.

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