Womxn at Work | A Short Introduction to Mindfulness | Orlando

About this event

This experiential course introduces participants to mindfulness and helps participants gain familiarity with the power of mindfulness as a stress reduction strategy. In this short course, participants experience mindfulness exercises and gain awareness of the links between mindfulness and stress management. This short course precedes Dr. Galib's longer, four-class series on mindfulness-based stress reduction, the physiology of stress, mindfulness as a tool for developing creativity and personal strengths. Both courses are delivered entirely online.

Objectives To introduce participants to mindfulness as a stress reduction strategy To enable participants to practice mindfulness-based exercises

Target Audience Beginners to mindfulness, entrepreneurs of all ages, students, community members, coders, directors, course designers, educators -- all are welcome! If you are a novice mindfulness practitioner, or need a refresher, or are wanting to be part of a community of practitioners at this time, this course is for you!

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