Harness the power of DIY PR

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Harness the power of DIY PR | Manchester

Attend the next event on Wednesday, 10 March.

Past Locations for this Event

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Business owners practice PR whether they know it or not. House Of DIY helps you to make DIY PR campaigns more intentional and purposeful, leading to a more powerful, resonating message and increased visibility.

Who for: Small business owners who want to: - Work on their reputation and credibility - Set themselves up as experts in their field - Improve visibility for their business/ brand - Secure media coverage & meaningful brand partnerships

What I'll cover: - We'll talk about what's relevant right now and what you need to know - nailing the key points and exploring how you can put into practice for your business straight away - Getting digital press coverage - how to research, how to pitch and most importantly, how to leverage. - Good habits - PR is often unintentional. Get into these good habits so that you create visibility opportunities with the media without overthinking it. - Myth-debunking - DIY PR is for everyone. It's not just for extroverts or the overly confident.


  • An overview of how PR actually works and why it's important to the growth of your business
  • Feel confident putting yourself out there for PR opportunities, and creating your own content that works to your strengths
  • Learn the importance of leveraging your PR and the key ways to implement

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