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Future Talent - Should We Buy, Build or Borrow? | San Diego

About this event

Should we onboard new talent (buy), train and upskill our current employees (build) or engage 3rd party contractors and freelancers (borrow)?” This is a dilemma that many HR leaders are currently facing and it’s likely to become harder to navigate with time.

We are currently operating in a rather challenging marketplace when it comes to talent, with intense competition for top talent and skills mismatch that is leading to a talent crunch. Given this situation, how can HR leaders stay ahead of the competition by acquiring the right talent for the job? And how do you decide which recruiting strategy works best for your organization or is it possible to combine them for a winning formula to success?

We may just have the answers to these pressing questions. Join GA and _ in this session as we further discuss how the current landscape has changed from _’s point of view. Our expert will dive deeper into factors every organization should consider before building their recruitment strategy and explain how you can combine these strategies to create the right mix of talent for your company.

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