Creating stories that work: for you, your business and your brand

Past Locations for this Workshop

Creating stories that work: for you, your business and your brand | Manchester

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

This is an introduction to how to us the most valuable communication commodity we have at our disposal - STORY. Our brains are hard-wired for processing stories. Stories provide the fuel to power the development of businesses, organisations and teams. Stories enable your brand to stand out from the crowd; help build relationships and trust; hire the right people; cement culture; get you noticed; capture what makes your company unique.

This workshop will give you an overarching and sound basis how to tell your story so it remains in the mind of the audience long after it’s told. Whether you’re a freelancer or executive wanting to progress your career; a brand manager or content marketer looking for a fresh way to shape your messaging; or a business leader or HR professional wanting to engage and motivate your team - it’s time to embrace STORY.

Get noticed

With story, you’ve got what you need to shine a light on what makes you special, how you’re unique and why your audience should choose you over a competitor. It can get you standing out from the crowd. Get your employees aligned with your mission, getting them on board with where you’re headed. And if you’re looking to build a profile in the industry you work in or to help progress your career, leverage your story.

The internet has given us all a microphone. It’s up to us to use it with compelling, colourful content.

Who is The Power of Story for?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to harness the power of stories in their business or work-life: startup founders, small business owners, creatives, freelancers, marketing managers and curious folk (wherever you work or whatever you do).

Ian has delivered the Power of Storytelling for organisations including The BBC, Tektronix, Thomas Cook Money and Black Sun plc.


  • Discover why stories are a powerful way to engage any audience
  • Learn a framework for telling your brand, business or career story
  • Hear examples and tips of effective storytelling from brands and businesses
  • Get inspired by how to use the power of storytelling in your work life, together with tips for crafting your own stories

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