UX Design Explained in 60 Seconds


User experience (UX) design is one of the tech industry’s core disciplines: Considering users’ potential actions is a key component of designing a website, application, or other products. UX is a skill that just about every type of company needs in order to grow — and demand for it is only increasing.

But what is UX design, really? To get to the heart of it, we talked to design experts from The New York Times, PayPal, Zola, and more.

UX Design Explained in 60 Seconds

Jacob Cohen, Director of UX at Paypal shares:

“UX design is the best way to get to a point where you can understand what the product will be without having to go through the pain and suffering of building it.”

Matt Raw, Lead UX Strategist at the New York Times, adds:

“I think of user experience design as the science and the art of producing an emotional reaction by engaging people I would describe it as creative empathetic problem-solving through design.”

Camela Logan, UX Research Consultant, describes UX Design as:

“Creative empathetic problem-solving through design.”

 Jaclyn Kerschner, Product Designer at Handy, says:

“UX design is the process of designing experiences for users. It’s creating solutions and processes to enhance their lives.”

Dominic Propati, VP of Product at Ballstar, concludes with:

“UX design, to me, is really two things. I mean, it’s the process but also the end result when we’re looking at UX from a design perspective. From a process perspective for me, it’s really a combination of design thinking which is an iterative process with a user-centred approach, in addition to taking business goals and user needs into consideration.”


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