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blogs for product managers

There’s a reason product managers (PMs) are called “mini-CEOs.” They must drive an idea from start to finish. This road from conception to user acquisition is fraught with red lights, stop signs, and detours – so PMs need all the support they can get.

The right blogs can be a PM’s best friend — and these seven will get you started.

Mind the Product

What began as a meetup in 2010 has grown into a global community. Mind the Product is your one-stop product management shop. Whether you want to meet up with local PMs, cross-post your own blog, or ask PMs around the world for help, this site’s the place.

Fancy a career change? Their Jobs board will help you start a new path. Want to check out a conference? Mind the Product hosts two on both sides of the pond next year. Need to design your value proposition? This topic’s one of many in their video library. If you work at a product’s core, Mind the Product welcomes you.

On Product Management

Each OPM author is an industry vet with insight in spades. Need to convince Sales to let you speak with customers? Heather Searl has you covered. Should you assess your market maturity? Rivi Aspler explains why.

Their Resources section has a wide range of content. And if you’d like to share your own insight, guest posts are welcome!


Pete Davies’ essay collection offers short but essential reads. If it wasn’t clear before that PMs wear endless hats, this series puts that at its forefront – and shows you how to succeed.

How to Be a Good Product Manager

Jeff Lash’s musings are simple in style, which works for him. The Service Director of SiriusDecisions ran Ask a Good Product Manager for four years, and now writes one of PM’s best how-to blogs.

Those in the technical/online worlds have the most to gain from Lash’s insight – but, as he says, “most of the concepts are appropriate for broader product management purposes.”

The Cranky Product Manager

We know, PMs – the struggle is real. Luckily, PM fan fiction is a thing. So if this is your day-to-day, these musings of “the fictional, snarky alter-ego of a mild-mannered software product management professional” will be a welcome unwind.

Silicon Valley Product Group

Marty Cagan’s a man with much wisdom to share. The former eBay exec and current Partner at SVPG writes regularly for their blog. For those who need diverse insight on the PM world, this blog’s an ideal resource. Among other topics, you’ll learn the difference between product management and product marketing; the problems with an IT mindset; and how to assess customer impact.

Product Charles

Charles Du’s blog is full of practical product management advice. He truly brings a unique perspective having led teams at NASA, Apple, Ticketmaster, and Live Nation.

He’s also a super clear writer and is great at teaching complex concepts. Charles has taught product management at Stanford, UCLA, Art Center, and General Assembly.

You’ll get nuggets of wisdom like how to grow a product, when is a product really a feature, and his comprehensive list of product management tools.


Since co-founding roadmapping software Aha! last year, Brian de Haaff has gained traction moonlighting as a writer. He publishes often on LinkedIn to drive free trials and reach new hires. It works – his writing is how I learned about Aha! and ultimately joined the team.

Having led product at six early stage companies, Brian knows – and writes about – PM pain points. But his writing resonates with non-PMs as well; “The One Sign You Will Be Rich” has over one million views on LinkedIn. At the Aha! blog, his writing centers largely on the PM experience. There’s a whole category devoted to this topic.

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Disclaimer: General Assembly referred to their Bootcamps and Short Courses as “Immersive” and “Part-time” courses respectfully and you may see that reference in posts prior to 2023.