Like, Learn, Love, Launch: Our Step-by-Step Dating Guide to Find Your Tech Career Match


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At General Assembly, we’re all about connections. We bring tech talent and top companies together to create a future of work where everyone can thrive. And we believe quality tech skill education should be accessible to anyone, no matter where you are in your search for the perfect career.

We offer a variety of learning formats, ranging from free two-hour webinars to full-time, career-changing bootcamps — and many options in between — to help our learners find their perfect tech fit (and ultimately, their dream career). No matter the format, all our courses cover the in-demand tools and concepts of today’s top tech disciplines — coding, UX design, data, product management, and more.

Maybe you’re already over the moon and committed to a certain tech discipline. Or maybe you’re still exploring the field and looking to “date” a tech skill (or two, or three) at GA to find your perfect tech career match. Read on for a step-by-step dating guide to find “the one.”

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Step 1: Free Tech Skill Classes (aka swiping right)

Free tech skill classes offer the no-strings-attached opportunity you need to to take the first step to find your tech career match. They’re like swiping right on a dating app — intriguing, low-pressure, and worth exploring. Designed for beginners, these webinar-style classes are typically one-to-two hours and offer a glimpse into various tech topics without any commitment. And with engaging activities and no-pressure environments, they’re the perfect starting point to spark your interest in tech. 

Check out the full schedule of upcoming free classes and events and see what catches your eye.  

Step 2: One-Day Workshops (aka the first date)

So, you swiped right, it went well, and you’re ready to get to know the tech skill you’re liking a little better. Some love stories end here, but for many, it’s just the beginning. 

It’s time for the first date — workshops. These low-cost, low-risk sessions are typically one-to-two days and allow you to dive deeper into the world of tech, complete with live instruction and hands-on activities. With smaller class sizes and interactive learning environments, tech skill workshops are where you get to know your chosen skill better and see if there’s real chemistry.

Step 3: Short Courses (aka make it “official”)

From free class to workshop, you’ve dated a tech skill for a while now, and are ready for something more serious. Time to put it on paper that you’re “official.” In comes a tech skill short course.

Short courses feature 40–60 hours of class time, either eight hours a day for one week, or spread out across 10 weeks in two-hour evening sessions. Our short courses are highly engaging and structured for you to carry a real-world project prompt (either provided or chosen) throughout the learning and present your capstone project at the conclusion of the course.

Our tech skill short courses are meant to elevate your existing career — whether you’re a designer looking to add coding skills to your resume, a marketer who wants to elevate your role with data analysis skills, or a professional in any field wanting to expand your tech skills. Students who complete a short course will leave with a tangible project to add to their portfolio and a certificate of completion to show off the tech skills you learned.

Perhaps best of all, you can apply the cost of any one workshop to a short course if you “take it to the next level” within six months of your workshop.

Browse all our short courses and make sure to get in touch with our Admissions team to see if you qualify for any of our financing options.

Step 4: Tech Bootcamps (aka put a ring on it)

Maybe it was love at free class, or maybe you needed a little more time to decide and try a few other workshops to see what else was out there — but either way — now you’re ready for that long-term commitment.

Our tech bootcamps are meant to completely pivot you into a career in one of today’s hottest tech disciplines — UX design, data analytics, data science, or software engineering. Over 12 weeks of full-time commitment, you’ll learn the skills, principles, and tools you need to work for the world’s top companies, and graduate with a portfolio, updated resume, and true tech savvy — including experience using generative AI.

You’ll also be matched with a career coach from day one of your bootcamp, and work with them throughout the course and after graduation (until you land a job or opt out) on building your resume, networking, interview prep, and so much more.

Going all-in on a tech bootcamp is a big commitment, but to help, you can apply the cost of any one workshop to a bootcamp if you “put a ring on it” within 12 months of your workshop.

Browse all our bootcamps and make sure to get in touch with our Admissions team to see if you qualify for any of our flexible financing options.

GA is Here to Help You Find Your Perfect Tech Skill Match 

Wherever you are in your search for tech skills, we’ve got the options you need to play the field before you make any commitments.

Get in touch with our Admissions team and get one step closer to your perfect match.