From teacher to Analyst at Apple Inc.


This lecturer decided to take a leap of faith and go from being a teacher to a student. Ahmad joined General Assembly’s Data Science Immersive in 2021 with the goal of learning how to utilise data to drive insights. His hardwork and dedication paid off earlier this year, when he scored a role at Apple Singapore as a Market Insights Analyst. Keep reading to find out how Ahmad overcame some initial challenges to secure a spot in the world’s largest tech company of the year.

What were you doing before GA and what prompted you to make a change and come to GA?

Before GA, I was a senior teacher in the education industry. Apart from teaching, I also handled some of the administrative processes and so I was already exposed to a bit of data handling. 

Having been in the industry for a few years,I decided it was time to upskill and explore other opportunities so I started doing some research and that’s when I chanced upon GA and the Data Science course. It felt like the right choice for me especially due to the outcomes program offered – career support and job placement assistance provided by career coaches exclusively for GA students!

“Have an open mind. Always remember that each one of us has our own strengths. Focus on those. Our skills are often transferable so identify how they can serve the career that interests you.”

Ahmad Khalil
2022 Data Science Immersive Grad | GA Singapore

What was your experience at GA like?

It was rather challenging at the start of the course as I had to start understanding concepts from scratch. I was also working full-time so balancing between learning and working was difficult. But concepts became clearer over time with the help of my fellow students and friendly instructor, Justin. Overall, I had a lot of fun learning with like-minded individuals!

How was the job search process?

GA was a great resource at the early stages of my job search. The career coaches provided guidance as I built out my profile and resume. I also attended the mock interview sessions General Assembly hosted, which allowed me the opportunity to practice my interview skills with industry professionals. They helped me understand what managers and companies are actually looking for when hiring a data scientist or analyst.

I also knew that I had to take control of my career and so I continued to do my own outreach. The coaches constantly encouraged me to learn more about the industry and attend more networking sessions to reach a wider pool of potential employers.

Tell us more about your current role.

I am currently working as a Market Insights Analyst at Apple. Getting the job wasn’t easy but I was able to pitch my transferable skills from my previous job and showcase how these complemented well with the new data science skills I learned at GA. The weeks spent at GA really helped to build my basics and lay the strong technical foundation needed for my current role.

I am still new at Apple and there’s definitely on the job learning but I am enjoying my time with my team and am excited for what’s to come.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to career-changers?

Based on my experience, I advise others to really understand the day-to-day job scope of their dream role. It can be quite different from what is listed on paper, so speak to professionals in the industry and understand the skills you need to make a mark as a newcomer. And it’s important to have an open mind. Always remember that each one of us has our own strengths. Focus on those. Our skills are often transferable so identify how they can serve the career that interests you.

Ahmad successfully graduated earlier this year and is now working at one of the hottest tech companies. This could be you, find out more!

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