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Free Friday Online Courses at General Assembly: Your First Step Toward a New Career Is on Us.

General Assembly
October 28, 2021
Enhance Your Career with Free Fridays Workshops | General Assembly

Looking for free workshops? Check out Workshop Wednesdays running from September 14th, 2022, to October 19th, 2022.

When COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, we felt our community could use a bit of hope and human connection, so we offered some of our most popular online workshops for free. But even more unprecedented than the pandemic was the outpouring of support and gratitude we received from thousands of learners across the globe.

The most popular workshops fell under our main core disciplines in Data, Software Engineering/Program Development, and UX Design.

At General Assembly, we believe that geophysical or socioeconomic barriers have no place in the classroom. Over 50 workshops and 280,000 RSVPs later, you helped us prove what we always knew: learning has no limits. 

To show our thanks, we’re excited to announce the return of Free Fridays. Whether you’re looking for a new job or want to diversify your skill set to become more employable, our community of experts is here for you online.

What are Free Fridays?

We understand that staying current in today’s ever-changing job market requires knowledge. That’s why we introduced Free Fridays aka free skills development training. Our complimentary career development courses can assist you in attracting fresh career prospects.

There are many workshop options to choose from depending on your interests or career goals. Have you found yourself curious about a coding career? Now is the time to learn coding for free. If you’re more into social media and content creation, you can take advantage of our free marketing courses. Maybe you have a passion for crunching numbers. There’s never a right time to learn data for free.

Every week until December 10, join peers from around the world to experience our most popular workshops (ranging from $60 to $200 USD in value) — for free.* From coding to data and marketing, to UX design and career development, explore the tech skills that will keep you in demand and can lead to a career switch.

Here’s what’s coming up. See you Friday!

Online Schedule


What To Expect: Throughout our Data Workshop Series you’ll have the opportunity to learn data science for free. Our free online data science courses are tailored for beginners and those in need of a skills refresh.

Nov. 5Excel 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 5Tableau 101U.S./Europe
Nov. 12Data Analytics 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 12JavaScript 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 19Excel 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 19JavaScript 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 19Tableau 101Asia//Pac
Nov. 26Tableau 101U.S./Europe
Nov. 26Excel 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Dec. 3Data Analytics 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Dec. 3JavaScript 101U.S./Europe
Dec. 10Excel 101U.S./Europe


What To Expect: Our free online Marketing courses will help you gain industry knowledge and expert advice for your professional brand. If you’re new to the industry or considering a career change, explore our free marketing courses.

Nov. 5Social Media Analytics 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 5Digital Marketing 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 12Google Analytics 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 12Paid Social 101U.S./Europe
Nov. 12Search Marketing 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 19Digital Marketing 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 19Paid Social 101Asia/Pac
Nov. 26Social Media Analytics 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Dec. 3Search Marketing 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Dec. 3Google Analytics 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Dec. 3Paid Social 101U.S./Europe
Dec. 10Digital Marketing 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Dec. 10Social Media Analytics 101Asia/Pac


What To Expect: Our free coding courses will help you gain a fundamental understanding of one of the most popular coding languages. Learning to code for free just got better.

Nov. 5Python 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 26Python 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac


What To Expect: In our Design series, not only will you learn UX Design for free but you’ll walk away feeling inspired visually and creatively.

Nov. 5Visual Design 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 12Adobe Illustrator 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 26Adobe InDesign 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Nov. 26Visual Design 101U.S./Europe
Dec. 3Adobe Illustrator 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac
Dec. 10Visual Design 101U.S./EuropeAsia/Pac

*Only the workshops listed here are eligible for free enrollment.

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