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Another year, another resolution (or five, or six) that’s so well intentioned — but never actually accomplished.

We’ve got a better idea. This year, ditch the unattainable resolutions and instead empower yourself with an evolution into tech. Whether your goal in 2024 is to level-up in your current role, or completely transition into a new tech industry, we’ve got something to help you start your evolution off on the right foot. Or the left. It doesn’t matter to us — just take the first step.

Join us for a four-week long New Year’s Evolution series of FREE skills, events, and live Q&A sessions with the GA team and subject matter experts. Every Monday through Friday between January 22 and February 9, we’ll have three, week-long free skills series where you’ll get 10 hours of hands-on practice with today (and tomorrow)’s most in-demand tech skills like coding, data, and UX design. 

Then for the final week, we’ll focus on everything to do with tech careers in 2024. Think of it as a virtual career fair. To kick it off, get live insights into the latest, most headline-grabbing tech — you guessed it — AI.  Then, join us for live panel conversations where you’ll get a glimpse into the student journey from our alumni, perspectives on tech hiring trends in 2024 from our hiring partners, plus details on why GA is a go-to resource for finding diverse tech talent for top companies across the globe. 

To round out the series, we’ll host live Q&A sessions where our Student Support team members like Admissions Specialists, Instructors, and Career Coaches will field all your questions related to leveling up, or completely changing your career. Whether you’re wondering about financing options, the in-class experience, how career coaching works, or anything else, you’ll get all the info you need to make the right decision about your tech future.

Can’t make it to every session you want to attend? Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to. At the end of each week, we’ll send every recording from that week to everyone who signed up, so you can keep your day job without missing a thing—all while continuing to evolve. 
We literally can’t wait to cheer you on every step of the way as your New Year’s evolution begins.

Browse the full schedule, learn more about each free skills series and event, and sign up by clicking here.