3 Ways TripAdvisor Stays Ahead of Customer Needs


Due to the rapid evolution in consumer behavior when browsing travel destinations online, TripAdvisor is a brand that is constantly working to stay on top of their customers’ desires, expectations, and digital behavior.

In the video above, Ravi Meta, VP of core consumer product at TripAdvisor, highlights three key methods for staying ahead of customers through both quantitative and qualitative feedback:

1. Constantly focusing on data and metrics.

TripAdvisor is an extremely analytical company that leverages data and metrics to inform almost any decision related to their website. Through a strong focus on metrics and ongoing A/B testing, Ravi’s team is able to objectively establish and measure the voice of the TripAdvisor customer.

2. Surveying users.

In order to balance quantitative user research with qualitative feedback, TripAdvisor conducts a large volume of user surveys. By leveraging surveys, TripAdvisor is able to A/B test new site features and then receive more descriptive feedback from unique customer segments.

3. Actively engaging in conversations with customers.

In order to gain more granular insight on customer behavior, TripAdvisor also actively engages in conversations with their customer base and performs ongoing user and focus group testing. In addition to facilitated user testing, TripAdvisor has also been increasingly using online tools to conduct user research including usertesting.com .

To learn more about how TripAdvisor stays ahead of customer behavior and maintains customer centricity, watch the video above.

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