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Randall Hartman

Account Executive, Zenman


As an Account Executive here at Zenman, Randall Hartman acts as the liaison between his clients and the agency. Maintaining and creating relationships is something Randall has excelled at his whole life, but in the most authentic manner which is why he fits so well at Zenman.

He got his big break in marketing in 2005 as a freshman in college where he worked with brands such as Coke, Ford, Skippy, Ebay and many others over the course of a semester. The importance of a brand and the reputation of that brand quickly became apparent and he learned quickly that public perception can make or break even the most powerful brands. Since working professionally in marketing since 2011 Randall has worked a national brand study for Regal Entertainment Group, managed the account for an Australian company called Myobrace who, with a limited budget, wanted to break into the American market and has worked with several small to mid-size companies in helping them establish their foothold in their marketplace. Randall believes that with marketing opportunity is endless. He is obsessed with the psychology and philosophy behind each campaign and that a great idea can not only change culture but more importantly create jobs.

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