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Briton Kolber

MA, LMFTA, Briton Kolber Relationship Therapy


Briton Kolber’s life has been steeped in psychology and improvisation for over twenty years. He is currently a private practice therapist specializing in geeks of all ages—working with individuals, couples, and families. He practices in the Fremont/Phinney Ridge area of Seattle. His experience includes work at Ryther’s Aspiring Youth Summer Program, interning at Southwest Youth and Family Services, and he was also featured in an episode of the podcast Psychology in Seattle. A graduate of Antioch University Seattle in 2012, he has been seeing clients via internship since 2010. Briton has led many group therapy and social skills sessions using improvisational theater techniques. Married and with two young children, Briton strives to find compassion and humor as much as possible.

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