Your Next Career Move: UX Design

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Your Next Career Move: UX Design | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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Are you considering a career change to UX? Does it seem like a lot to take in? Switching careers can feel daunting and kudos to you for stepping up to this challenge. Luckily, you won't be alone. In this event, you’ll get the push you need to start and excel in your expedition.

For starters, we’ll look into how UX would make sense for you depending on your background and where you’re starting from. Then we will move on to the 4 main fields of UX, how deep you need to get into them depending on your background, and why they represent the backbone of everything you’ll do and learn throughout your career.

Count on having a sneak peek of what it is like to be a UX designer, obstacles you can expect along the way, and how to overpower them. Tune in for a revelation: Serial Hero - a series of secrets and time-savers for UX designers - is launched.


What awaits you in your UX journey + Know your why - what motivated you to go into UX + What a UX designer does + What will you do

The 4 building blocks of UX + Design + Psychology + Development + Usability

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