World Usability Day: Human-Centered AI | Detroit

About this event

Launched in 2005, World Usability Day is an annual global event held on the second Thursday of November that brings together communities of professional, industrial, educational, citizen and governmental groups for a common objective: to ensure that technology helps people live to their full potential and helps create a better world for all citizens everywhere.

General Assembly is hosting a remote event on November 12 focused on this year’s theme of human-centered AI. Come join us for this highly interactive session as we dive into how we can create solutions that live up to AI’s potential of expanding human performance, while making the solutions reliable, trusted, and safe.


  • You’ll hear from some incredible panelists talk about examples of what’s worked and not worked for them, and why.
  • You'll then have the opportunity to join a small group to dig deeper and discuss the specifics of how we adapt our processes to work towards this goal, and identify strategies to ensure that we help, not harm.
  • You’ll learn not only from your group, but the others as well, as we will summarize and distribute the results the group discussions after the event.
  • You’ll walk away with a strong(er) appreciation for the role that design and the focus on the human can play in meaningfully applying AI technology, and you’ll be armed with some tactics for helping to make it happen.

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