Womxn at Work | How to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Boss

Womxn at Work | How to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Boss | Adelaide

About this event

Does the idea of negotiating for money make you cringe? Do you have trouble figuring out what your worth is in the job market and how to command that in your existing/desired role? Are you lost on where to start when preparing for a negotiation conversation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you! In this experiential and interactive workshop, you'll learn the keys to identifying how to prepare for a salary negotiation conversation. We will walk through negotiation tactics for two main scenarios: 1) When you are interviewing for a job in a new organisation and 2) When you currently hold a position in an organisation and would like a raise and/or additional benefits or change in your role.


  • About the gender wage gap, including its long-term consequences
  • How to conduct objective market research and determine a fair target salary
  • Engage in exercises to help you become more comfortable with a salary negotiation discussion
  • Learn tips on how to follow through your negotiation goals despite your fears

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