Womxn at Work | Defining Wom*n: Fluidity of Inclusive Language | Minneapolis

About this event

Women? Womxn? Womyn? Language doesn’t resonate the same with every identity, so we must be aware of the intent, impact, and potential interpretations our words carry. Join us for a brave conversation as we all navigate the complexities of language, identity, and inclusion with empathy and honesty.

In the past week alone, we’ve seen a dialogue on the use of “women” and “womxn,” specifically whether using “womxn” is counterintuitive to inclusion efforts. Advocates for the term “womxn” feel it defines womanhood without a relationship to “men,” while also including underrepresented feminist groups. However, this term has received criticism for excluding and misrepresentting trans and non-binary identities.

At General Assembly we are committed to bringing underrepresented voices to the forefront and recognize the need to listen to all members of our diverse community. During this panel discussion, experts ranging from the LGBTQQIA+ to the BIPOC spaces will dive into the significance of the words we choose, how we can adopt best practices into our everyday, and what “womxn” and “women” mean to them. In addition, we invite each of you to actively participate in this candid conversation.

We continue to learn what it means to champion intersectional communities and are excited to use this as a learning opportunity for our students — and ourselves.

Please attend with a community-first approach. While your experiences may differ from others, General Assembly will not tolerate harassment in any shape or form.


  • Learn about the history of “womxn” and its impact on society.
  • Understand how different communities interpret “women” vs. “womxn.”
  • Hear varying perspectives from experts on the topic.
  • Gain strategies to include best language practices into your personal and professional life.
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