Will Influencer Marketing Still Reign In 2030?

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Will Influencer Marketing Still Reign In 2030? | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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Over the last few years brands and small businesses have shifted focus towards activating, influencers, micro-influencers and even now AI influencers that have niche audiences that they can speak to with highly relevant content. The marketing super tool has shown it's potential to increase businesses' brand exposure, revenue and sky rocket smaller companies onto a global stage.

Join our brand experts for an event that looks to unpack & deep dive into the Influencer marketing trend and show how this key tool will still reign in 2030.

The power of peer to peer/word of mouth marketing has never been more prevalent! Understand how this trend has evolved and how you can leverage influencer relationships to achieve great results for your product or business.

This class is ideal for marketers, brand managers, content creators, business owners, and entrepreneurs!


  • How influencer marketing became one of the strongest marketing tools in the game
  • Why brands should adopt this marketing strategy
  • What new rules have been made for marketers
  • What new trends are we to see for Influencer Marketing

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