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Why Learn React? | Livestream | Online

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About this event

React is one of the fastest growing JavaScript libraries for building interactive, data-driven applications. There's never been a better time to learn React.

Choosing the right front-end framework to build out a user interface is crucial to the success of any app. React has been a game changer in the way people think about structuring and building out the user interface. This class will explore the benefits of learning React and why so many companies are migrating to this new framework to build out their front-end.

Topics we will cover

  • Getting started working with React
  • Structuring UI into reusable Components
  • Practice passing data to child Component via Props
  • Using State to manage unidirectional data flow
  • Understanding the Component lifecycle
  • Build an app to apply your new knowledge

Chart your own career path. Pick up where this workshop leaves off. Enhance your professional skill set with React skills in our 1-week or 10-week, part-time React Development course.


  • A better understanding of React concepts
  • Creating Components, a fundamental building block of React
  • Passing data to a Component via Props
  • Updating State to trigger a re-render of one or more Components
  • Exploring a Components lifecycle
  • Using React Developer Tools to investigate React

Prereqs & Preparation

  • A free a Codepen Account.
  • Proficient in Javascript and ES6, as well as experience with Front-End Development

NOTE: A small percentage of participants may not receive emails from us due to some domains blocking our automated emails. If you do not receive sign in instructions within 1 hour of the livestream, please email hello@generalassemb.ly and someone from our team will be sure to respond to you with sign in instructions right away.

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