Why Do the Best Companies Not Care About Your Background?

Why Do the Best Companies Not Care About Your Background? | Portland

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People who find meaning in work grow faster. And when people grow, teams and businesses grow. This was something that Hatch Co-Founders, Adam Jacobs and Chaz Heitner, saw time and time again as Co-Founders of THE ICONIC and Zip Co respectively. To this day, they both stand by the same principle: Hire for motivation and potential, not background.

Today’s job market is competitively fierce. Building world-class teams is more important than ever for employers, while candidates search for meaningful careers. So, how can we find a match that works for both sides?


Join this session to discover: + How the best companies define team fit to build world-class teams; + How to use your transferable skills, interests and motivation to land your next gig, and grow the way you want to; and + The AHA moment: How the Hatch Exchange program focused on people’s transferable skills to redistribute some of Australia’s best talent from major brands like Qantas and Australia Post.

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