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Musicians don't think like most, and in the creative process, they don't act like most. In TWO BEATS AHEAD, Panay and Hendrix explain how musicians listen for the gaps and create moments that break patterns; repurpose what they have and create room to explore; know when to step up, step back, and leave room for others; choose the right partners to collaborate with; and make authentic connections with their audiences.

We’ll hear from co-author of TWO BEATS AHEAD, R.Michael Hendrix, Global Design Director at IDEO on insights culled from his work in music, design, and business. He’ll also talk through lessons from some of the nation's top musicians and music industry leaders about their innovative processes and products. He’ll also cover the secrets to maximizing results in a collaboration from Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams. They'll discover the importance of experimentation from musical pioneers Imogen Heap and Radiohead, and many more,more.

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