What Makes A Highly Effective Startup Founder

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What Makes A Highly Effective Startup Founder | Brisbane

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Here’s a tough pill to swallow: The road to success for a start-up is far from straight and the vast majority of startups fail. This is for a number of reasons, from lack of investment to poor market fit to the struggle to scale up in what is an extremely competitive market. However, one of the most common reasons is the lack of strategic leadership on the part of the founder. In the initial stages, the founder truly makes or breaks the startup.

While the formula for a perfect founder doesn’t exist, our expert might have a pretty good idea on what makes an effective founder and the true drives of a founder’s excellence.

Join us and Google’s Head of Startup Ecosystem, SEA as he discusses common traits and characteristics of highly effective founders who joined Google for Startups Accelerators Learn how to be an effective founder to inspire, manage and motivate your teams towards achieving your startup's goals.

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