What Is the Future of Audience Targeting?

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What Is the Future of Audience Targeting? | Perth

Past Locations for this Event

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Calling all startups, marketing managers, product sales teams, and bloggers. What good is product or company's marketing strategy if we're unable to use cookie-based data?

In case you haven’t heard what can be aptly referred to as “every marketer and advertiser’s biggest nightmare”: In approximately one year, all major browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, will have blocked third-party cookies. In other words, we will soon live in a cookie-less world. It is crucial for businesses to take the right steps now to be well-positioned when the cookie restrictions kick in.

This energetic panel involves four professional and practising marketers, - Arielle Peters (Two Giraffes Video Production Studio), Christopher Melotti (Melotti Media Copywriting), Kristin Hancock (Font and Switch Design) and Mike Sandys (OddBall Marketing Agency).

They'll discuss the cookie conundrum, the steps businesses should take to prepare for the change, and what new technologies will be useful in audience targeting,

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