What is behind a dating app?

What is behind a dating app? | Vancouver

About this event

Even if you are you a user or never tried in your life, what is behind a dating app is something that everyone wonders.

From swipe left or right and finding your perfect match for life there's more behind these apps that we ever thought! Every small aspect is carefully planned, analysed and designed.

Feeld partnered with us in this event to answer all your questions! Design is at the core of everything Feeld does, from designing the app, technology and even allowing users to design their relationship structures.

Are you now even more curious? Join us with Feeld in this fun and insightful event to hear all about the inside of a dating app from the source.


  • Understand what is behind a dating app
  • Learn what each department does to create the app
  • Understand the design of a dating app

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