What Does it Mean to be a ‘Queer Womxn’ in 2021 | Adelaide

About this event

Join us for a live panel discussion with WE CREATE SPACE on the topic of Queer Femininity - the roles that we play, the societal barriers and structures we still face, and the lived experiences that inform who we are, or who we want to become.

The panel will be hosted by Maylis Djikalou, Programme Director at WE CREATE SPACE, the self-empowerment platform for Queer Leaders, Change-Makers and LGBTQ+ Professionals.

She’ll be joined by a panel of leaders.

Together they’ll discuss their own relationship with femininity, sex and self-image, and start to challenge any pre-conceived ideas of what it means to be a ‘Queer Womxn’ in 2021.

Please note: This session is open to anyone who wants to learn or get curious. We will be focusing on femininity primarily through the perspectives and experiences of ‘Queer Womxn’. We'd like to reassure and reaffirm to anyone is welcome and that this space is yours too.



Use the safe space to discuss, learn and get curious.

Challenge self-imposed personal narratives and pre-existing notions

Acquire fresh perspectives

Feel empowered having discovered new information about yourself

Help normalise the discussion of heavily stigmatised issues.

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