(Webinar) Branding Over Brunch: Define Your Personal Brand

(Webinar) Branding Over Brunch: Define Your Personal Brand | Orlando

About this event

In the context of sales, having a personal brand is more important than ever. If “your network is your net worth”, then your brand is your business. Product-based differentiation is going away, and it’s crucial for sales professionals to build trust with buyers as quickly as possible - that’s where your personal brand comes in.

At this free event, you’ll learn from sales leaders who have built their own personal brands, and how it’s super-charged their successes. These tech-industry managers bring diverse stories of personal brands put to work with big results.

Regardless of where you are in your client-facing career, you’ll leave this event with the toolkit to define your personal brand and start building it. Breakfast will be served!

Co-hosted (and branded) by General Assembly and Bravado.

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