Virtual Meet & Hire: Software Engineers

Boston Campus

GA Boston
125 Summer Street 13th Floor
Boston MA 02110

Past Locations for this Event

Virtual Meet & Hire: Software Engineers | Boston

Boston Campus

GA Boston
125 Summer Street 13th Floor
Boston MA 02110

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

You’re invited to GA Boston's virtual software engineer talent spotlight to meet our latest cohort of software engineer/web developer graduates, who have honed their skills in General Assembly’s Immersive Programs.

Hiring managers, recruiters, and anyone hiring or mentoring software engineers/web developers are welcome!

Think of this as a virtual reverse career fair, where you can log on and watch software engineer candidates present their portfolio projects and learn about their skills and background. All participants will receive the candidates' resumes, portfolios of coding projects, and contact information before the event. RSVP today to get connected to quality talent from GA!

About Our Candidates

  • 9 candidates with diverse professional backgrounds
  • Software Engineers, skilled in Git, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Node, Express, React.js, MongoDB, SQL, problem-solving, planning, modeling, and maintaining applications with client-API architectures, as well as software engineering principles including design patterns, sorting algorithms, big O notation, recursion, and data structures from linked lists to binary trees. These engineers have worked in teams and independently to build functioning sites that solve real-world business problems.

How it Works

Drop in anytime to virtually meet our candidates! We'll send you instructions 24 hours in advance to access the zoom webinar on April 29th at 10:00am - 11:30am.

Here's the run of show:

  • Introductions by GA Boston (5 min)
  • Candidate presentations ( 60 min)
  • Q&A from employers (20 min)
  • Closing with next steps (5 min)

Please note that this session will be recorded and shared with you, so please RSVP and share your preferred email with us.

Why GA?

It is a win-win situation! We help accelerate your hiring process by connecting you with quality talent in Software Engineering, at no cost. We’ll do all the work; you just have to show up.

Hiring from GA is a great ROI. Skip the tedious resume screenings and connect with multiple candidates in one event. GA candidates can bring diverse professional experience to your team. Many of them are looking for junior-level roles aligned with the skills they just developed at GA, while others are suited for mid-career, management-level opportunities.

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