Video Pitching for Founders Workshop

Boston Campus

GA Boston
125 Summer Street 13th Floor
Boston MA 02110

Video Pitching for Founders Workshop | Boston

Boston Campus

GA Boston
125 Summer Street 13th Floor
Boston MA 02110

About this event

As a founder who's excited about their venture, you're always pitching to investors, customers, partners, and talent.

​Like most founders, you've probably sent countless emails, decks, and DMs.

​So many few responses.

​And no wonder! Decision-makers drown in their inboxes.

​So, how do you stand out?

​By utilizing a not-so-new medium that still not enough founders leverage to grow their businesses.

​Of course, I'm talking about videos!!

​Videos are a fantastic tool to stand out, get noticed, and accelerate your ventures.

​Just remember how special it felt when you received a personal video. (If you haven't yet, just try sending a video to your mom or dad and see how they react.)

​With a compelling video pitch, you can go far in the startup world:

​- Attract interest from investors and increase your chances of securing the big check 💵 ​- Get the attention of a potential partner you've been dying to do business with 👀 ​- Close the lucrative deal you’ve been after with a new client 🤝 ​- Stand out among thousands of accelerator applicants 🌟

​A great video pitch is your company's story delivered perfectly every single time.

​But for a lot of us, being on camera is terrifying. What should you say? How do you make it feel professional?

​That’s what I’m going to help you with in this workshop. Because the best way for us to learn video is for us to make one.

​You'll be filming a 1-2 minute video pitch with your smartphone 📱(no other equipment needed) and my guidance.

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