UX Yourself: A Free Class

Past Locations for this Class

UX Yourself: A Free Class

Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

You may have a strong brand today but it’s certainly no insurance for tomorrow’s success. “How can we build brand loyalty?”, “Can digital help?”, “What’s that thing about UX and why do I need it?” are just a few of the questions all of us marketers have to deal with everyday and need to have a point of view on.

“UX Yourself” is a presentation that aims at putting these questions in perspective and demystifying the user experience buzzword.


We will cover such topics as:

● why brand loyalty doesn’t exist ● how mobile technology’s increasing presence in our lives has changed our expectations as to the way we interact with brands ● what UX really means for brands ● which brands have unleashed the power of great user experiences to outperform competition

And most importantly, how you too can do it with your brand

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