UX Design Trends in VR & AR Games

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UX Design Trends in VR & AR Games | Calgary

Past Locations for this Event

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Gaming appeals to people of all generations: 86% of Generation Z, 84% of millennials, and 80% of Generation X play video games on their gaming consoles, smartphones, and PCs at least once a week, if not every day. If current trends persist, gaming may entice more consumers away from watching streaming TV and movies.

Included in those trends are UX/UI design principles. The complexity of video game graphics has evolved exponentially. This evolution involves the integration of UX/UI design. Join us to discover if this field is meant for you, but most importantly, which components are here to stay in the world of VR.


You'll be able to learn more about: - Understanding video game mechanics - Reducing cognitive friction - Usability, accessibility, and ergonomics - Bringing players back - Existing design trends

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