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UX Design for the Metaverse | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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Almost a year after Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s rebrand to Meta, and countless mentions of the term “Metaverse” online, many of us know it’s important, but still might not have a full understanding of what exactly it entails.

Simply put, the metaverse is a digital reality where social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies converge, allowing users to interact with each other and their environment. To keep up with the rapid development of technology today, UX Designers must adopt a shift in mindset, and start designing for tomorrow.

In our upcoming event, we’ll be diving into the metaverse - what was promised, where it is now, and what it could become - and how a UX designer can prepare for the design work of tomorrow. Join Leonard Reese, Experience Design Lead, APAC for SoftServe, as he takes us through why UX Designers need to start paying attention to the Metaverse.


  • Learn key aspects of human perception and psychology that affect metaverse user experiences.
  • Understand how metaverse is related to "Web3" and why it matters for design.
  • Learn the essential technologies, hardware, and tools for designers to keep up with.
  • Acquire the must-know principles of VR design.
  • Adapting design techniques to metaverse projects.

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