UnStuck: The Future of Meditation and Wellness

UnStuck: The Future of Meditation and Wellness | San Diego

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Living in Los Angeles youโ€™ve likely heard about guided meditations, sound healing baths, and breathwork classes advertised as ways to transform your life. All of us are seemingly looking for ways to unf*ck our businesses, our lives, and our souls. Whether it is reducing stress, increasing productivity, channeling creativity, or improving your sleep - studies show that meditation helps us all work better.

Join us in a conversation with meditation leaders, mindfulness teachers, and professional healers to gain insight on the future of the industry. Whether you work for a big corporation, are an entrepreneur, or are merely curious about the future of meditation - we all can learn from meditation leaders in Los Angeles about how to unf*ck our busy professional lives.

Meditation has been proven to create a more enthusiastic work environment, reduce professional stress/anxiety, and empower team members to be present with their with their work. No need to be a professional yogi or full-time meditator to attend this event. Join us in a conversation with meditation leaders on the future of the meditation industry and gain insight on their day today. Be prepared to learn, listen, watch and do to follow the path and unf*ck your business and life through natural healing.

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