Unemployed and Unstoppable: How to Make it as a Freelancer

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Unemployed and Unstoppable: How to Make it as a Freelancer | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

Making the jump from a stable day job into freelancing can be hugely invigorating but can also be quite scary.

You’ll no longer need to report to someone else and can drive your own work agenda, but you will gain the challenge of working independently and balancing your own workload, often with a limited financial safety net.

Perhaps you’ve already taken up full time freelancing, you’ve been daydreaming about taking the jump or even flirting with the idea of picking up some additional freelance work on the side. If you any of this resonates with you, you'd be silly not to come along and hear first hand from those who've successfully ‘made it’ as a freelancer!

Our guest speakers will cover:

  • tips, tricks and tools for being a successful freelancer
  • the challenges and how to overcome these
  • advice and encouragement for making the move into freelancing

If you’re a developer, designer, SEM/SEO specialist, digital marketer, writer, journalist or any other freelance-friendly professional, join us at the Hive on 23rd of November from 7:00pm.

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