Trial Class: Discover User Experience Design

Past Locations for this Class

Trial Class: Discover User Experience Design | Dallas

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

What exactly is user experience design and why does it matter? As technology changes and more media outlets complete for customers' time, providing an enjoyable experience is critical to both attracting and keeping users.

In this trial class, you’ll wear the hat of a UX designer and get your hands dirty in the methods and techniques they use most. While we might not have time to discuss software, you’ll walk away thinking like a UX designer and thirst for diving deeper.


  • Explore what is UX
  • Learn how to think like a UX strategist/designer/researcher including card sorting techniques, creating a user flow, and creating a paper prototype
  • Find out if GA's part-time or full-time UX course is right for you

Prereqs & Preparation

People who are considering crossing over into a new role that requires knowledge of user experience design, looking to level up in a n existing role, or general curiosity about user experience design.

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