The Interaction of Tech + Design: How Innovation is Breaking the Rules

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The Interaction of Tech + Design: How Innovation is Breaking the Rules | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

Creatives & Designers - get inspired! Use technology to fuel your creative design work with innovative thinking. Entrepreneurs - influence your tech project with design thinking for better user experience.

In today’s world, a good tech product or service is nothing without a good design, and options for creative design can often be multiplied by technology, using and combining the right tools, software or platforms.

Find out about the best practices in Tech & Design, joining our panel of experts, we'll discuss:

  • Tech & Design, what comes first?
  • What are the principle of good design and how can it influence tomorrow’s technology
  • How the Internet of Things, 3D printers, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality are pushing designers and doers to think outside of the box
  • New technologies that will help entrepreneurs, creatives and designers improving and redefining the rules to follow…

Designers, entrepreneurs, producers, visual artists, engineers and anyone who is curious, this will be an evening of discussion & innovative design delight.

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