The Bootstrapped Startup: Growing Revenue over Funding

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The Bootstrapped Startup: Growing Revenue over Funding | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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Funding options for startups are quite well known, but are just as equally mysterious on how they can be accessed, or even what the best option is for each individual startup/ founder.

A network is key, and in every maturing technology ecosystem there exists a number of angel investors, investment syndicates, family offices investing, venture capital investments across Seed, Series A, B, C, D, E and so on and so on etc etc etc

And from these investments spring forth a number of successful raises for companies, who then go on to achieve amazing feats. But usually not- so many of them will fail along the way! (but at least we get to hear all about the success stories)

Less well known in the PR circles, but certainly not less successful, are the bootstrapped companies- those champions increasing their monthly revenue month after month, growing and growing their customer base, offering supreme customer value by NOT focussing on growth at all costs.

Join us as we discuss bootstrapping your business with some extremely helpful advice from experienced startup founders/ funders who know from experience. What are the main financial benefits, growth metrics to strive for and even the health considerations!

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