Tech Can Do Better: The Move towards Greater Diversity in Tech | New York City

About this event

It is hardly a secret that tech has had a long-standing diversity and inclusion problem. The homogeneity of the industry is no longer a superficial issue that can be swept under the carpet. It’s arguably a root cause of many larger issues that plague tech, has implications for justice and fairness far in the workplace and beyond, and results in devastating flaws in the industry’s own products.

While business leaders increasingly understand that diversity is not just necessary but critical to success, few seem to know how to crack this tough code. But one thing’s for sure, oin the age of digitalization, diversity in Tech such as gender, racial, age and other aspects is profoundly empowering, not only for the organization, but also for society at large.

Join our panel of diversity and inclusion experts as they deep dive into how their organizations are championing greater diversity, the specific initiatives that have worked for them and how the nuances of the tech industry as well as the effects of the pandemic has and will continue to shape future initiatives.

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